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Hand guard

The string and the flying arrow can hurt your hand and arm. These simple leather armguards and gloves provide effective protection to the archer.

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Brand: Toth Model: 54
Hand made of leather.Size S, M, L, XL.Left- or righthanded...
12 EUR
Ex Tax:12 EUR
Brand: Toth Model: 55
Hand made of leather.Size S, M, L, XL...
17 EUR
Ex Tax:17 EUR
Brand: Toth Model: 56
Hand made of leather.With 4 hooks...
22 EUR
Ex Tax:22 EUR
Brand: Toth Model: 57
Hand made armguard of leather with hooks, combined with an Y-glove.In size M and XL...
29 EUR
Ex Tax:29 EUR
Brand: Toth Model: 58
Hand made of leather.With 3 hooks or holey...
19 EUR
Ex Tax:19 EUR
Brand: Toth Model: 63
Tab of leather..
Ex Tax:9 EUR
Brand: Toth Model: 64
tab of leather for a kid...
Ex Tax:7 EUR
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