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Hunnish bows

The Hunnish bows are usually asymmetric. Because of the asymmetry they have less hand shock than the Hungarians and they are also a bit faster.

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Brand: Kassai Model: 8
Lightness, swiftnessIt was the first bow that showed precision, swiftness and minimal resonance. It has been proven that this bow is tireless and extremely dynamic. There are no disturbing vibrations or bad features. Kassai achieved a Guinness record in 24-hour mounted archery with this model in 200..
499 EUR
Ex Tax:499 EUR
Brand: Toth Model: 6
NEW HUN RECURVE BOW 25-60# "GREAT AND AFFORDABLE"This bow is combination of glass fiber, wood and leather.This is a fast, good bow for a big man.They are produced in different sizes and colours, so the required draw lenght and colour should be indicated in case of order.Lenght strung: 135 cmLenght o..
165 EUR
Ex Tax:165 EUR
Brand: Kassai Model: 9
Phoenix I: Symbol of resurgence and immortality.It has a silhouette of an ancient asymmetrical hun bow whilst it contains materials and advanced technology of the twenty-first century. The only 4 mm thick siyahs are made of light metal used in aircraft construction. They make the bow ethereal and lo..
499 EUR
Ex Tax:499 EUR
Brand: Kassai Model: 7
Robust honourIts ancestor was tested by Lajos Kassai during the 12-hour non-stop mounted archery world record and previous preparations in 1998. This inroad was a good chance to discover hidden faults. By using these experiences was "Deer" built which is a much more refined version of its predesesso..
299 EUR
Ex Tax:299 EUR
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