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You can find here many Kassai horsebows, Grozer traditional bows, Toth Traditional Recurve Bows, Horse bows.

Look at our feedback,  NEW Hungarian extra 1  ; NEW Hun extra 1; Hungarian base C; Laminated assyrian; ...

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Kassai recurve bows, Grozer recurvebows, horsebows, Toth bows OUR BOWS
Our aim is to introduce the Hungarian traditional bows to you, to Europe. The bows and accessories sold by us are individually hand-made masterpieces, prepared by masters respectful of traditions. The preparation of one single bow takes about 2-3 months. You can choose from bows of different ethnic groups, you can pick the one dearest to you that can be the pride of your living room but serves as excellent sports equipment as well.

Archery accessories, fingerguard, quiver, glove ACCESSORIES
You can find here everything what you need for archery besides the bow. Arrows, quivers, bags, arrow cases and other accessories.



1.) Traditional arrows SZALOKY 3
2.) Traditional arrows Szaloky1
3.) Standard arrows SZALOKY 4
4.) Bear I (Vazul, Medve) from Kassai
5.) Wolf II. (farkas II.)
6.) Y Gloves
7.) Scythian recurve bow
8.) Thumb ring of horn
10.) Finger guard