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Turul from Kassai

Authentic historical form

This Kassai bow is the nearest to the bows of hungarian conqueror ancestors regarding its appearance. Both its formal reconstruction and the tapping of the horns on the bending parts are authentic. Since Kassai’s basic motto is not to follow the ancestors, but what the ancestors followed, he usually prefers individual design to the remanufacturing of authentic forms. This bow is an exception. Both creating and using it is a great experience. Reapplying ancient tapping technique made it possible for the horns to fit to the bending parts seamlessly than ever before, saving considerable weight, thus increasing the speed of the bows. The angle of incidence of the horn makes the bow noiseless.

This recently released bow quickly became the favorite bow of traditionalists.
It is recommended people to whom authentic historical appearance important is.

Length of string: 140 cm (55”)
Draw weight: 25-55#
Maximum draw length: 33″
Measured at: 30″

Basic outfit:
fibreglass bow, leather covering, ashwood siyahs and grip
silk binding
colour of leather and binding can be chosen
Optional extras:
different decorations on siyahs and grip
different leather ornaments
leather embroidery

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