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Majestic power

The Laminated Wolf bow is the lightest and fastest type of the "Wolf collection". Laminated technology makes this bow easier and faster than its predecessors.
The Mongols took a huge step forward in the development of traditional recurve bows by introducing the string stool. This part increases the stability of recurve bows and the flying off speed of arrows from the bowstring greatly. For horse archery only bows with long draw and mild draw power are suitable, and the emphasis must lie on flexibility and great number of shots. It performs great in field- and target archery, it is a long-lasting and reliable bow.

Lenght of string: 143 cm /56"
Draw weight: 25-65#
max draw length: 32"
measured at 30"

Basic outfit:
ashen body, grip and siyahs
clear glass lamination
silk binding (colour can be chosen)
teflon arrow rest

Optional extras:
black glass lamination (+33 EUR)
nut-wood body (+79 EUR)
grip made of different wood materials(+25 EUR)
intarsia decoration on arms, grip (+49 EUR)
coloured painted arms, grip (+25 EUR)
initials engraved or intarsia inlay on grip (+29 EUR)

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