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FALCON - Asymmetric laminated Hun bow from Kassai

Lightness, swiftness

It was the first bow that showed precision, swiftness and minimal resonance. It has been proven that this bow is tireless and extremely dynamic. There are no disturbing vibrations or bad features. Kassai achieved a Guinness record in 24-hour mounted archery with this model in 2006.
The recurve bow can take extraordinary loads but only at professional use. It is sensitive to overbending. It requires attention at stringing, the arms must be loaded evenly. As due to its asymmetry the lower arm is shorter, bending only this may cause breakage during stringing.
The shorter lower arm allows great mobility at shooting forwards and backwards on the horseback, while retaining its comfortable draw.
It is recommended only to advanced archers and professionals.
Its autarchy in leading sport was broken by a bow named Phoenix that combines the 21st century technologies and overcomes the Falcon bow in all its technical parameters. However, Falcon is still popular because of its unique design.

It is made in two sizes. The shape is the same, both is featherlight and very fast.
The longer version has a max draw length of 32", the shorter 30".

Shorter version:
length of string: 125 cm
max draw length: 30"
measured at 28"

Longer version:
length of string: 138 cm
max draw length: 32"
measured at 30"

Basic outfit:
ashen body, grip and siyahs
clear glass lamination
silk binding
(colour can be chosen)
teflon arrow rest

Optional extras:
black glass lamination (+35 EUR)
siyahs, grip made of different wood materials (+79 / +49 EUR)
intarsia decoration on siyahs, arms, grip (+79 EUR)
coloured painted siyahs, arms, grip (+49 EUR)
initials engraved on grip (+35 EUR)

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